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About Us / Core Values

Core Values

Our Core Values stand us out in the market as per our distinctiveness, culture and ambience of our working environment. We continue to uphold these qualitative values listed below:

Excellence: For us, excellence is not an act, but a habit borne out of constantly demanding more of ourselves than our customers and stakeholders do. Excellence is indeed our character reflected in our constant, confident pursuit of highest standards.

Professionalism: At Harmony Holdings Ltd, we are proficient, competent and reliable in all we do. We have a sound knowledge of what we do and are committed to the policy of doing it right the first time. We are well grounded on the belief of very high standards of performance and discipline. This core value makes us dedicated to our duty and team excellence.

Integrity: We are honest with ourselves, our customers and stakeholders at all times. We value our integrity above all else and would never undertake any action or make an omission that would jeopardize our reputation. People look up to us because we live by very high standards and we do what we say we will do. We hold on to our integrity very passionately.

Empathy: Empathy, which is the ability to understand and care about other people's points of view, is a core value which we hold very dear. The rights of respect, emotional safety, physical safety and opportunity for fulfilment which are all linked to empathy, makes it easy for us to excel with regards to our employees, stakeholders, and customers. It also ensures team harmony at Harmony Holdings.

Passion: We are passionate about our culture of excellence, integrity, empathy, professionalism, our employees and our customers. Passion is embedded in our culture and we are passionate about everything we do, especially in providing world class customer service to both our internal and external customers.