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Address: 15, Martins Street, 2nd Floor, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Telephone : 01-2918587
E-Mail: harmonylagos@yahoo.com, ebusiness@harmonysecuritiesltd.com
Website: www.harmonysecuritiesltd.com


Harmony Securities Limited

Harmony Securities Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1985. It became a registered member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in 1998. The Company also has an Issuing House Licence.

The Company’s Head Office is at Zulu Gambari Road, Ilorin, Kwara State, while its Operational Office is at Martins Street Lagos.

Harmony Securities Ltd. provides the following services to its clients:

  • Capital Market Operations:
  • Issuing House Services: Our  Issuing House services entails acting as Financial Advisers to quoted/unquoted  companies, government institutions and state governments seeking to raise additional funds or funds to develop capital projects such as roads, schools, hospitals, infrastructures, etc from the Capital Market.

    We also act as financial advisers, stockbrokers or Issuing House to would-be companies that seeks to be listed on the floors of the Nigeria Stock  Exchange (NSE)

  • Broker/Dealer- The Company buys and sells shares (quoted and unquoted) for and on behalf of its clients at the best possible price.
  • Portfolio Management-Harmony Securities Ltd packages and manages its clients’ portfolios to ensure safety and optimal yield on their investments.
  • Investment Advisory Services- The Company offers investment advisory services to its numerous clients. The clients are allowed to partake in the benefits of the staff’s long standing experience in capital market operations especially in the area of research.
  • Money Market Operations:
  • Fund Placement: Harmony Securities Limited employs its vast knowledge and experience of the money market in placing funds on behalf of its clients at the best possible rates and with reputable and viable financial institutions.
  • Treasury Bills: As an authorized dealer in the Nigerian Treasury bills and C.B.N Notes, Harmony Securities invests clients’ funds in Treasury Bills and C.B.N Notes to create portfolio mix of high yielding products chosen across the money market.